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Yoni Initiation

A transformative rite of passage that invites you to embrace the healing gifts of every stage of your womanhood. Through this profound experience, you will discover the power of your soul landing more fully in your body, creating a safe space for your Higher Self and Primal Self to harmoniously unite.

Through a sacred ceremony guided by the creative process, delve deep into your yoni, where primal power, healing and self-discovery await.

Includes Lifetime Access to Yoni Art Fest Rituals and Interviews

Lifetime Access to
Yoni Art Fest

Lifetime access to our entire line-up of inspirational interviews from leading experts in feminine leadership, sexual empowerment, trauma healing, and sensual embodiment is included when you sign up for the Yoni Initiation.

The Yoni Initiation also includes Lifetime Access to Laüra Hollick’s 5 powerful Yoni Art Fest Rituals.


Yoni Art Certification

Through the Yoni Art Certification, you will go on a personal intimate journey into your own yoni. As you learn the ways to express and embody your yoni, you will become a holder of this sacred medicine. As this embodiment deepens within you, you’ll learn how to guide other people to empower their yoni.

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