Setting up for your Yoni Art Fest interview

We want you to look and sound great in your Yoni Art Fest interview! Here are a few handy tips and tricks to making sure everything goes smoothly!

Computer and Internet connection

  • We’re recording the interviews using Zoom. Before your interview, set up and test Zoom on the device you plan to use.
  • The link for your Zoom interview should have been emailed to you when you booked your interview. If you don’t have the link, please email us right away so we can get it to you.
  • Make sure you have a strong Internet connection. Try to position yourself close to your Internet router (preferably in the same room), or have a wired connection to the Internet.
  • Avoid uploading or downloading large files or streaming video during your interview. This also goes for anyone else who is sharing your Internet connection.


  • For good lighting, position yourself so you have nice, even light on your face. If you are using natural light from a window, make sure you are facing the window.
  • Avoid having a window or any other bright source of light behind you. This will make you appear like a dark silhouette.
  • Avoid having strong light sources too much to the side of your face. This will create unflattering shadows.
  • If you are using artificial lighting, try to use a soft light source, not a direct, hard light source.
  • Position yourself in the center of the frame so if we have to crop the video, you will still be fully visible.
  • Try to keep your camera at eye level so it doesn’t look like we are looking up at you or down at you.


  • Find a quiet place for your interview that is away from loud or distracting sounds.
  • For the best sound, make sure you are close to your microphone (less than 2 feet away is ideal).
  • A wired mic that plugs into your computer and can be positioned close to you during your interview will sound great!
  • Headsets with a boom mic, or a mic that is on the wire plugged into your phone or computer usually sound quite good.
  • Avoid wireless headsets (like AirPods) because they can make your voice sound very unnatural.
  • Avoid having your computer speakers on too loudly during the interview because this can cause feedback.

What to wear for your Yoni Art Fest interview

  • Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful.
  • Having good lighting makes everything look better, so start with the lighting tips above.
  • Then choose an outfit that makes your yoni say, “Yes!”

Let us know by email if you have any questions about this and we’ll do our best to help!