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A global art event to empower your yoni!

Yoni Art Fest is a global art event gathering women from around the world to explore, express, and embody their yoni.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that means “Sacred Gateway.” It refers to the sexual anatomy of the feminine, as well as the spiritual principles of the Divine Feminine.

This Yoni Art Fest journey is designed to be your sacred gateway to a profound personal awakening as well as our collective rebirth.

Experience your yoni awakening!

Stoke your Feminine Fire with these inspirational interviews!

The Yoni Art Fest inspirational interview series features leaders in sexual empowerment, feminine leadership, sensual expression, and spiritual embodiment.

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Your creativity is one of your Yoni Superpowers!

A Creative Online Journey

Along with the series of inspirational interviews, Yoni Art Fest also includes simple guided creative rituals to explore, express, and embody your yoni.

You don’t need art experience to participate. All you need is basic art supplies  (like markers),  an Internet connection, the desire to connect with your yoni, and a willingness to discover your creative power!

5 Creative Yoni Rituals

A creative journey to explore, express, and embody your yoni!

Your Yoni Art Fest Guide Laüra Hollick will lead you through this epic journey with simple creative processes.

You’ll get your very own downloadable Yoni Art Fest journal so you can play with the creative rituals and witness your own transformation unfold!

Here is the Yoni Art Fest itinerary… 

Ritual 1 - Meet Your Yoni

Your yoni is the divine feminine expressed and experienced through you.

On this activating day, you’ll be guided through a beautiful creative visualization to meet the essence of your yoni. You’ll discover how the divine feminine wants to be expressed through you!

Ritual 2 - Reclaim Your Root

For centuries, women’s roots have been tangled up in the patriarchal system that exploits and devalues the true nature of the feminine.

Reclaiming your root is about calling the power back to your truth and healing the wounds that have disconnected you from your power.

During Day 2 of Yoni Art Fest, you’ll be guided through a deeply healing creative ritual to “Reclaim Your Root.”

Ritual 3 - Your Sexual Awakening

A sexual awakening is a sacred rite of passage. It is about passing through a sacred gateway from one state of being to another. It aligns your body with a primal pulse that has you singing with the stars.

During Day 3 of Yoni Art Fest, you’ll be guided through a wildly sensual creative ritual to seduce your sexuality into a natural awakening!

Ritual 4 - Embody Your Essence

You’re a Spiritual Being having a human experience. Embodying your essence is about merging the natural intelligence of your body with the wisdom of your soul.

During Day 4 of Yoni Art Fest, you’ll be guided through a deeply meaningful creative ritual to unite your Higher Self with your Primal Self. This creates a ripple effect of power and purpose in your life and career!

Ritual 5 - Rebirth

We are in the process of a collective rebirth that is stimulating the call to rebirth ourselves personally and professionally.

On Day 5 of Yoni Art Fest, you’ll be guided through and enlivening creative ritual to rebirth yourself and activate your path for the new paradigm!

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You will also receive inspirational updates from Soul Art Studio. We respect your privacy and will never sell or share your information.

About your guide Laüra Hollick

Laüra Hollick is an Award-winning Artist, Certified Tantra Coach, Founder of Soul Art Studio Inc., and the visionary behind global art projects like International Soul Art Day, nü Icon Movie, Global Vision Quest, and The Rainbow House.

Laüra started the Yoni Art Project in 2017 with her viral quiz: “What is your Yoni Personality Type?” This Yoni Art Fest is the evolution of the Yoni Art Project.

BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laüra’s art and life called “The Artist’s Life-Laüra Hollick.” She hosted and produced over 500 radio shows for 93.3 FM CFMU called “The Artist’s Lifestyle” interviewing thought leaders from around the world.  Laüra gave a TEDx talk called “You are the Art.”

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